Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Closet Envy!!

Have you seen these? What fun!  I have been LOVING these videos by Bluefly.com!  Its not really about the fabulous things in the closet for me, but rather how they organize it....is that weird?  I love to see how people organize their stuff!!  I'm forever rearranging items in my closets to make more space & make them pretty.  (OK...yes, that's weird.) 
Here we get to peek into the closet world of Kyle Richards, Aunt to Paris Hilton & infamous Housewife of Beverly Hills (my favorite of the housewives series) closet & some of her favorite items.  (Oh, I hope they do a video of Lisa's closet~~I LOVED Lisa.  She's a cool lady!) I  love the chandelier and island in the middle...it's all so, well, girlie!
Yes, Kyle, we all have a thing for Chanel purses, too!  Sadly, most of us mere mortals don't actually have a stockpile of them, though!  Good for you, girl!!

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