Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mission Trippin'!

Can You Belize It??!
My daughter just returned from a mission trip in Orange Walk, Belize! She went with a local youth group & had an amazing time.  I love to expose her to new experiences as much as possible~especially experiences which will force her to step out of her little bubble of a world and learn how rewarding it can be to serve others. 
While she was there, her group laid tile in an entire church (that previously only had a dirt floor) during the mornings & spent the afternoons with children at a local school.  When I asked her if it was rewarding to see how grateful the parishioners of the church were, on the last night of their stay when they gathered in the church for a service, she said, "Well, Mom, the tile floor wasn't from was a gift from God."  Wow.  Her statement blew me away.  She's right!  It was a gift from God~~He was merely using my daughter's youth group as the tool to get it done! How often do we do hard things for others & not expect gratitude in return?  Rather to just do something for someone less fortunate and view your work as a gift for them, from God.  That really was a beautiful statement. 
The place she staying at while she was there is called La Estima.  The photos look beautiful and it certainly exceeded the expectations of where they thought they'd be staying.  Although while she was there, the air conditioning broke in her room.  All the girls had to share 1 tiny fan to stay cool.  How perfect!  It reminds me of when I traveled to Poland years ago as Miss Texas & the airlines lost my luggage on the way!  I had one outfit the entire trip because it was still a time in Poland where there weren't stores to just go buy clothes if need be!  I had to wash my clothes in the bathroom sink and live just like all the people of Gdansk & Warsaw at the time~~with very little comforts & I thought it was a blessing. It was a blessing that helped me to understand a way of life other than the life I had always come to expect & certainly took for granted.  So how perfect that her air conditioning went out!!  When in Rome!!

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