Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's Your Agenda?!

Happy New Year Friends!!! Please excuse my absence~~camera broke, microwave broke, oven broke...LOL I'm not kidding. During Christmas for crying out loud!! But all is well in Texskiss land now~the kids are tucked back into school, kicking and screaming the whole way. (Me, not them, I hate school. I hated it when I was a kid and I hate it now. I miss my babies!!) So I ran out yesterday, vowing to be "more organized" this year so I picked up a new Agenda! I looked online for options of styles and decided since I will be shoving it into my purse most days, that I'd purchase a middle of the roader...the MomAgenda. It's hot pink and kinda cute. It should be a welcome "perk me up" on dreary days. It was between the hot pink or a shiny grayish silver. The pink was cute and the silver was sophisticated. But the silver agenda was not a MomAgenda and didn't have the same cool sections to jot things down in, such as "Kids Medication" etc. So the hot pink won. If I can keep this one relatively nice and pretty then maybe next year I'll treat myself to a real nice grown up agenda such as the Gucci or Smythson! They're GORGEOUS!! Here are the agenda's that I came across on the Internet that I thought all made good options. Here's to a very organized and productive 2012! XOXO

This is the Smythson. It's just so elegant.

Here we have the lovely Gump's Agenda.
Pretty isn't she?
And then there's always the Queen Bee~~Gucci!
She'd last forever and dress you up in elegance in a very big way. And here's my choice for the New Year~~The MomAgenda. Sounds a little "soccer mom"~ I know, but it's really quite pretty.
Very useful. Should keep this old girl organized!
Here's hoping!!

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