Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!

Who said blogging would be easy?!  I have to say, I got a little discouraged and bailed for a bit but I'm back!!  I truly enjoy the writing process so much and I REALLY love connecting with people.  Even though the learning curve here on the blogoshphere feels excruciatingly slow for me...I'm not giving up.  I hope to get more followers to interact with...if you have any tips or advice Please share them with me.  I'm currently looking for a way to add an email subscription link so my friends can see what I write as soon as I post something new.
A LOT has been going youngest started a new school and thankfully, is very happy there.  My eldest is turning 16 this week and we just can't believe she'll be driving soon and off on a whole new chapter of her life!  It's all very exciting and very scary.  I'd love to hear how other mom's waded through these testy waters!  What's the saying? "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone"  Well, my heart is about to get in a car and drive away, and I'm not too sure I like it.

On a cheerful note it was cool when I woke up this morning!!! Yay!! I'm decorating for Halloween so I'll be sure to add those photos soon!  My little one LOVES this tradition!  She loves to hold up each little seasonal decoration as we pull them from the dusty boxes and oooohhh and aaaahhh over it! "Oh! Remember this one, Mommy??!!!"  It's so much fun for both of us to make our home more festive for the approaching holiday.
Plus, all my seasonal decorations were in a storage facility this time last year, so I missed out on decorating for all the big holidays!  This year I plan to do it up BIG to make up for what I missed last year!  We'll be making our usual Popcorn Balls & Caramel Apples for the neighborhood kids and my "Batini" for the adults!!
My father's been sick a lot this past year but thankfully he's back home and healing from yet another surgery on his new "esophagus."  It's the year anniversary in October of his diagnosis of Esophogeal cancer.  Take care of your esophogus' friends!  If you have reflux or anything of the sort...get to a Dr and get it taken care of! NOW.  Esophageal cancer is awful and I don't wish this on anyone!  Take care of yourselves and the people you love!  I'll be back soon with photos for you!

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