Monday, April 5, 2010

Smoothie Move~

What a day! The count down is on for the big move to our new home this weekend! And let me tell you...moving is one hum dinger of a time sucker! I'm exhausted from the renovations, just hoping to have enough strength for the crazy week ahead. And to top it off the nocturnal elephant that lives above us has come back in town and seems to be practicing her 3 am bowling lessons...what the heck is that weirdo DOING UP THERE!!? No worries! I was up and at 'em bright and early this morning armed with my AMAZING new VitaMix that my hubby grabbed at Costco last week! Have you seen these things?? They're so phenomenal I think it just may change my life! I can whip up healthy smoothies that rival the younguns at Robeks! So to bone up on all the energy I can muster I made a concoction this morning that consisted of oj, french vanilla yogurt, frozn berries, Emergen-C, and the fabulous All In One vitamin powder. Feeling like SuperMom I crammed my kids in the car with their huge Super Gulp sized smoothies to start the day right! Of course, to make everything very consistent neither one wanted to drink the darn thing and as I was handing it to my precious little one tucked in the backseat, she exclaimed her protest and drew her hand away just as I felt her little fingers around the cup and dropped the WHOLE DARN THING all over the back of my car....we're talking an OCEAN of raspberry seeds, goopy yogurt, etc all down the back of my passenger seat and onto the floor beneath her adorable Converse All-Stars. I looked back in horror and met the gaze of her big brown eyes, as she grasped to one snack size ziplock bag in her hands over the mess, as if she had just narrowly saved the day!! Umm...NOT! I'd like to say I kept my cool and was the model mother but I have to admit that I hit my boiling point and threw quite a little hissy. As if I have time to drive to Bubbles and sit for 7 hours as I wait for a complete detail!! Hilarious...or not. So there you have...not quite the start to tackling this pre-moving day that I expected~but at least we can look back and laugh! Yeah...that's it! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

That Easter Bunny sure made a mess around here last night! HUGE news...did you know that if you toss you Peeps in the microwave for about 15 sec they puff up, get really ooey & gooey, and taste like roasted marshallows! I've never been a fan of Peeps but now I do! Yum! What a fun we're off to church! Have a wonderful day friends!

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