Thursday, March 3, 2011

Housekeeper Hexed

Why, oh, why friends am I housekeeper hexed??!  I have friends who've had the same family housekeeper for years and years yet mine never seem to stay!  I've had them move, get sick and have to leave, have babies, or find that they want much more $$ than I'm willing to pay for a job that didn't require a MBA or Master's degree.  What's the secret?? What am I missing here?  Last time I was looking I had a few kooks try out for the job.  One called me the 1st day on the job and asked me to stop off somewhere and get her a burger on my way home...she had arrived at 1:00!!  REALLY???  Then the next gal that "auditioned" showed up with a personal little TV to carry around with her full blast as she watched her game shows...REALLY??  Needless to say, these gals got the boot pretty dang fast. 
So then I found a new gal about 8 months ago and while she's been AMAZING at cleaning and organizing, she's acting really strange and now says she has "back problems." She actually took time off for surgery recently and then when she came back and I asked her how she could come back to work just a week & a half out of back surgery, she explained to me that "God did the surgery!"  REALLY??  Do I look THAT gullible?  How was vacation, Dalila??!  So now I'm looking for a new dang housekeeper.  One that will please stay for awhile.
I'm whipping out some sage to do an aura cleanse because something here just ain't right.  I'm a pretty awesome boss!  I'm fair and my home is a happy place to be.  I give a nice Christmas bonus so they can have a nice Christmas as well.  I give holidays off.  I'm neat (although I can't say the same for my teenager but that's part of the job, right?)  SO WHAT'S THE DEALIO?  I've got a gal coming today at 2:00 for an interview.  Let's hope she's the right candidate for the job....cause I'm Really, REALLY, REALLYYY tired of looking for someone new every year or so!! Pray for me!  :)


Gretchen said...

Oh my gosh, I feel your pain. Ours won't deep clean, dust high up, or clean windows. But I do trust her to clean the house while no one is home. I guess it's a trade off.

Supinski said...

Well, at least they aren't charging by the "job" they're doing like here in India. One can't keep track if dusting, bathrooms, floors all equate to a different sum or another. Not to mention they don't understand a dang thing you say. I told my girl (when doing laundry) to keep the "whites" out of the colors so she obliged and then turned around and put in my french vanilla tailor made shirt in (I had just bought) instead, thankfully nothing happened.

I just know that a sweet young lady is going to come to your home and feel blessed and grateful to be there in such loving energy, around such great souls, and earn a nice living while doing so. Let's just put that positive thought out there to come to fruition.


Just Me... said...

My problem with housekeepers is that none of them clean as well as I do! I have a really hard time paying someone for 'cleaning' when they really haven't! They always all start out gung-ho, and then a few months later, they aren't doing half the job they used to, and that's right about the time they ask me for a raise! Uh, NO!

Good luck, I hope you're afternoon interview goes well!

Krystal Bland said...

Now, I am nervous - LOL...I have been informed by my hubby that we can start looking for a housekeeper and I am jumping for joy *literally*

Texskiss said...

Yay Krystal!! That's good thing! Happy hunting! :)

Anonymous said...

Texskiss and all the others, I'm going to go out on a limb here. Please don't swallow me:) See I'm a housekeeper...have been for like 9 yrs. Just like any other profession even the one you all are in there are people who just are not efficient/reliable etc. When I go to work I squeeze everything out of me for every minute that I charge. Most time the home owner gain 30 mins from me. Whether the owner is there or not. I am a perfectionist. I have to admit. If I start something and it's gonna take me 15-30 mins beyond our agreed time I'll do it anyway. Now where the home owner is concerned.....Some owners don't realise that even if a surface looks clean the housekeeper has to clean it anyway...that's what they're there for. Cleaning bit and pieces makes up the time. One homeowner always wanted me to inform her if I worked 1 hr less (which I did anyway without her telling me) but most times I stayed between 30 mins to 1 hr more and she never mentioned telling her about it. You get blamed if something gets faulty as a housekeeper - that could make you crazy esp when you know it wasn't your fault. I don't know.....Laundry by itself takes a lot of the housekeeping time. Especially if the laundry room is afar off. Sometimes I think if it was this easy or not time consuming why don't homeowners do it themselves. Most of them can squeeze in the time they want the keepers to take to clean the house. Hey I've said enough....but I could say much more. Just a look from another angle.....Notwithstanding I've had more great homeowners than bad ones.

Texskiss said...

Hi Anonymous! You sound like a very fair, honest housekeeper! We sadly just had a housekeeper steal from us, so I appreciate hearing there ARE good people out there in this field! It just takes quite a bit of weeding through to find them at times! Good for you!
Best wishes,

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