Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daily Crush~~Charades!

Since my older daughter has been out of town on a mission trip this week, I've had so much fun bonding with with my littlest angel!  Last night just as I was trying to get her to sleep, she jumped up out of bed with big, wide excited eyes, and said "Let's Play Charades!"  How could I say no?  She wanted to play charades before bed & you know what?  We had the MOST hilarious time trying to figure out each other's books/movies!  The craziest thing was realizing the generation gap...half of my ideas like "Gone With The Wind" (who knew our kids have never heard of Gone With The Wind?) were things she's never heard of!!  And her movies were mostly from the Disney Channel, which of course, I've never heard of!  But to try and figure out just what each other was miming out for the other, was down right, roll~on~the~floor hilarious!
I don't suggest playing right before bed though, as she had a tough time calming down to get to sleep after 15 minutes of charades!  So there you have my daily crush~~a knee slapping game of Charades with the kids!  Give it a try!  :)


Letters From Home said...

We have a game called Guesstures that my son and I love to play. It just pops up words and you have so many seconds to make the other one guess them. We have fun, but yes, the age gap sometimes leaves one of us scratching our heads.

Texskiss said...

I've heard of Guesstures! Sounds so fun! I'll see if they have it at Target & add it to our arsenal of games! Thanks! :)

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