Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pretty Porches

I've always loved big front porches!  Perhaps because when I was a little girl we'd travel each year to San Antonio to see my grandmother and all my cousins for a late Christmas!  My Uncle would sit out on the front porch and smoke his pipe while all the kids played in the yard.  I always loved the way his pipes would make the air smell sweet!  I have vivid memories of my grandmother holding my youngest daughter on that front porch while reading to her from a book of prayers for children.  We called her Meemaw and she's no longer with us but I cherish those sweet childhood memories at her sweet little home.  Meemaw had a white iron glider on her porch~~I loved sitting on it as it would slide back and forth as my feet barely reached the ground.  It was old and peeling but I loved it nonetheless.  Now that we're blessed with a big front porch on our new home I want to find some furniture to make it cozy so someday I can sit out there and make memories with my grandchildren!  I really like grey wicker chairs in particular but I'm just starting to look.  Here are a few photos I've found online of pretty porches! 


House Beautiful

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tightwad Totes!!

Everyone loves a reallly frugal find these days, especially in these crazy economic times!!  So here's to a few of you who've written to me saying that you'd like to find awesome totes on a really tight budget!!  I hope these give you some ideas!

Look up this adorable  *AEO Printed Tote* on American Eagle on Clearance right now!
                                                          Was $24.50   Now $14.95
                                           New York & Co. has a fabu Faux Snakeskin Tote
Orig.price: $26.99
NOW on Sale for $9.99

Target has a great bag called the Angie & Lola Canvas Tote - Black
Was $17.99  On Sale Now for $8.98  You save Save: $9.01 (50%!!)

And here's one more for you guys!
This looks very substantial!  It's from AE Printed Canvas Tote

Was $24.50 Now $19.95!

Let me know if any of these work for you!!
I hope they do!

Totally Totes

After I posted my favorite tote yesterday, I thought I might want to do a follow up on a few totes in different price ranges for all the l adies wanting a bit more of an economical option to the MZ Wallace bag!
Here I've found 4 totes that all look equally fabulous at a wide range of prices~~Some are on sale, so if you like it, strike while the iron's hot! 

 This gorgeous bag is on the higher end, but I wanted to add it because
it looks so similar to a few more I've added below~~
Vanessa Bruno Sequin-embellished linen tote $250

 This is the Kate Landry "Euro Chic" Tote
 Only at
Orig. $49.00 on sale now for now $34.30

Here's the Sequin strap straw tote $49.95

  And for something *PINK* and fun~I've added the
Juicy Couture Gen Y Sugar Kiss Canvas Tote
Retails for $98.00 On Sale Now for $67.99


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Summer Dream Tote

Summer is right around the corner and I'm pulling my summer gear out and assessing my wants and needs for the oncoming season.  From what I can tell, it's time for a new fabulous tote!!  Since I'm a gal with a love of all things with bling, I'm really considering purchasing this new gorgeous tote from MZ Wallace!  I have several MZ Wallace purses and always get loads of compliments when I wear them.  I think this tote will be perfect for a day at the beach, our next vacation with the fam to Colorado, or, well, just about any time!  I often choose open totes for my day bag as I like the ease of being able to look down into a wide space and see all the contents in order! (laughing)  But seriously, totes do make for great dump out and reorganize moments where you can easily toss everything out onto the counter, toss out the trash, and rearrange your "can't live withouts"!  As Martha would say, "It's a good thing!"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Praise Of The Pony

Can I get an Amen in praise of the ponytail?!  This is my go-to hairstyle of many years now.  It's the easiest way to look pulled together with minimum effort.  I switch my ponytail from a high poof up-pony to a low classic nape neck-pony, or chignon if you want to get all fancy pants on me, depending on the day. 
Hey, it's hot here people...the ponytail is cool and chic.  It's in my "no-brainer file"~~which is a pretty awesome file, if I do say so myself!
Another option is the "not pulled all the way through pony"...ala, what I call the "Ponybun!"  If you leave a few of the wispy hairs out, it looks casually cool as if to say, "Hey I just roll out of bed this way!" 
Do you have a favorite go to hairstyle?  I'd love to expand my repertoire! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

In The Bag

(Source: simplyher)

It's a rainy day outside and on rainy days I like to make HUGE trough sized mugs of macchiatto & organize something.  Today I was diligently cleaning out the contents of my handbag and decided to make a post dedicated to the innards of my bag...much like I've seen in countless magazines & always enjoy!  Why, I'm not sure, other than it's always fun to see what items other gals tote around in case there's an emergency so I can keep tally of what I've thought of already and what needs to be added to my arsenal.  I must say, my items aren't very exciting today...nothing life changing or out of the ordinary but nonetheless~~Here you have it:

1. My Kate Spade bag~~gift from Hubby
2. Boars head Bristle brush
3. Wisps~because one of my children is always forgetting to brush her teeth  before we make the mad dash to get to school on time.
4. Tylenol~~because, well, you know, it's just necessary.
5. Altoids~because my Dad taught me the importance of always having fresh breath and I hate Binaca!
6. A wonderful pen
7. My beloved Max Factor long last lipstick that is now only available in Europe~thus another reason to plan my next trip back to Paris!
8. Sunscreen and a ticket stub to the zoo~they go hand in hand.
9. A fortune cookie~I always steal a couple for my purse when we eat Chinese.
10. A ziplock bag full of fabric swatches for the drapes I keep  putting off having done~~I swear, it's a full blown phobia at this point!
11. Xylosweet packets for tea or coffee when I'm eating out.
12. Some really fabulous hand lotion my friend, Stephanie, gave me! Thanks, Steph!
13. A small Pantene hairspray for my blonde rabbit fur hair.
14. Sunglasses, wallet, phone

There you have it!  :)

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