Friday, May 27, 2011

Feeling Very Saxy!

Photo Courtsey of Ellen van Deelen
My little girl came home last week, after much thought about which elective to take in her first year of middle school next year, and announced she wants to take band and play "That thing that they play Pink Panther on!!" Ummm....I called the band director at the school she'll be attending and asked if we could come see the instruments to choose from and explained the "thing" we were looking for. The band director immediately knew she was thinking of the saxophone. He sat her down and instructed her on how to hold and play a sax, a flute, and a clarinet. She fell in love with the saxophone! Who knew?! I've never seen a girl play the saxophone but, hey, what do I know? They told her it would be a small but fun class...about 10 kids have chosen the sax and, yes, there are a few girls in there. So there we have it! She's going to be practicing, IN OUR HOME, everyday, after school, next year...the SAX!! Have you heard it? Let me describe it for you......umm...IT'S LOUD! LOL But hey, whatever my little budding musician wants to try, I'm all game! I'm just wishing we had a sound proof room in our casa. Maybe I can outfit the large closet we have near the back of our upstairs hall and make it into a studio for her! I'll keep you posted. Until then...please pass the Advil.

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