Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sew Psyched! My latest Nail Polish Haul~~

I had a little nail polish haul the other day at Ulta! It was so fun. I went in looking for one color and came home with 4!  The color I've been wearing for the past few days is Essie Sew Psyched.  It's a little shimmery khaki green. I actually wish it had a tad bit more sheen to it but it's still very pretty. 
Here's a peek at what it looks like indoors~It photographs a bit darker than it looks in person.
The other colors that got to come home with me are:  OPI The Color To Watch - it's an iridescent purplish brown.  (More purple than brown.)  And Borghese's Menta which is a pretty green.  I'm eager to see it on. And Borgehese's Mochaccino...which I LOVE!  I wore it the other day.  It looks a lot like a cross between Chanel's PARTICULIÈRE and Paradoxil or the famous Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic. I wanted a tad bit more shimmer to it, so I added a little bit of OPI The Color To Watch to it and now it's perfection!
The week before I had purchased Borghese's Stellar Notte (GORGEOUS~~very close to Chanel's Black Pearl~~the hot color of the moment) and Zoya's ELKE.  I took a few photos for you~~can't decide which photo gives a better representation of what they look like, so I'll add both!


HAS said...

Love the green! Essie is definitely my favorite brand.

Julie Khuu said...

Oooh gorgeous color! Essie's really on it this spring with all the hot picks that's showing up everywhere from runways and now blogs! That khaki color would go great with all the tribal prints for spring too...great find, thanks for sharing!


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Texskiss said...

So glad you guys like it~~I'm onto OPI's The Color To Watch today. It's really pretty~~I'll post a photo tomorrow! XOXO

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