Saturday, May 21, 2011

Moscow Mules

I'm sure you've all heard that Oprah's last show is this Wednesday. I'm profoundly sad about the whole thing. I've grown up watching Oprah and I'll miss her show. I'm having a few friends over to watch the last episode, so today I went to purchase all we need to make Oprah's favorite cocktail while watching her last show on Wednesday~~The Moscow Mule! I had one...alright~2, last night at dinner with my hubby at Eddy V's and they are DELICIOUS!! Moscow Mule Ingredients: - 1 1/4 oz Smirnoff vodka - 3 oz. ginger beer - 1 tsp. sugar syrup - 1/4 oz. lime juice - 1 sprig mint - 1 slice lime In a copper mug, pour vodka over ice. Add sugar syrup and lime juice. Top with ginger beer and stir. Garnish with mint sprig and lime slice. Photo

Key Largo! Montego!! Baby Why Don't We Go?

I'm so happy that summer is approaching!! I've begun looking online for a beach destination to go for a short trip with my hubby for some MUCH needed R&R. I'm looking at St Lucia's Ladera, The Bahamas One & Only Club, and Grand Cayman's Ritz Carlton. We really wanted to return to Turks & Caicos but for some reason the flights are all looking really long and difficult. I was flipping through photos of a family trip we took a few years ago to the Bahamas. We went out at dusk to try and get a good family photo for our Christmas cards. I'm glad we did because it's so fun to see how much the girls have grown in just a few short years. This was before my eldest had her braces!! We're all a little sweaty, wind blown, and sunburned but I love these shots anyway!
Then I always love to capture a few photos of the island ~~ here are a few shots of the landscape.
While we were relaxing on a beach one day, I came across these adorable local children taking out their homemade boat!! I loved capturing their excitement!! What a gift a camera can be~~I'll be able to remember these sweet kids forever now!
Where do you like to vacation for relaxation?? I'd love to know! XOXO

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet Bob

Meet Bob. Bob was being used by a group of young boys as a football last week when my youngest daughter caught eye of the inhumane games and rescued our little friend here. After quite an exhilarating bicycle ride home, Bob remained tucked into the safety of his shell for quite awhile. We decided to leave him in our back yard to let him calm down a little but and when we returned to check on him, he had traveled all the way across our big yard! It was good to see he hadn't suffered any injuries. We kept Bob for just that one night and then decided to free him in a neighborhood pond where we'd seen many of "his kind" living together harmoniously. We drove to the pond, set him down right at the edge and waited. It took Bob about 3 seconds to jet his head out of his shell, LEAP into the pond, and swim away at the speed of a motor boat! I've never seen a turtle so happy! It was fun to see. So this weekend we had "Free Bob" day here at our home. And as much as I know my little one gets attached to these little critter she rescues and releases...I also know she's excited to see them back in nature. She's got a big heart, that one. :)

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