Monday, February 21, 2011

Nailing It!

Anyone who has ever been cursed with cruddy nails knows the pain of having to deal with acrylics, solars, manicures, searching for just the right cure for the weak nail syndrome that causes your nails to break off as soon as they grow.  Well this has been my life long ordeal.  And it's really not's been a big deal my whole life having to deal with my weak brittle nails.  I have to confess to even having a few bad habits of picking and gnawing but not anymore, friends!!  Today is a new day and I have no idea how, but now, my nails are feeling stronger and growing on their own without any supernatural hocus pocus.  Now, they aren't as pretty as newly applied Solar tips or anything, but I'm just so happy that they are stronger and my own!  I've been painting them a new color almost every other day and am HAVING A BLAST!!  The other day my youngest daughter was in the basketball playoffs for our area and I painted our digits what I called, "Mystic Blue!" (It was actually Sally Hanson Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear "Blue Me Away.")  It was a fun mother/daughter mani moment!  :)  I've gathered all my nail polishes onto a pretty silver tray here by my computer so I can pamper my nails at a moments notice.  I've been researching what the "HOT" colors will be for the oncoming season and plan to shell out a few bucks for some fun new colors. (I'll keep you updated.) Right now I'm wearing Sally Hanson's Complete Salon manicure "Commander In Chic" and I love it!  It's a big grey/purple/brown-ish.  Sounds ugly~but looks good. 

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