Saturday, September 3, 2011

Scaphoids, School, and Scotch!

OK ~ I'm just kidding about the Scotch but it rhymed well and seemed to describe my state of mind lately. The summer ended with my little one finally getting her blasted cast off of her poor little wrist. (She had a Scaphoid fracture and bad sprain back in June) She's now just in a splint that she can remove and is SO happy to have that gross, itchy cast off! It was a looooong torturous healing and one that I'm grateful is O~VER! And as for school it's a year of excitement and fear~~middle school for one daughter and the JR year (the year of the dreaded ACT's and SAT's) for the other! The only thing I like about school beginning is that it hearkens the ushering in of FALL!!! Cool weather and hopefully, God willing, SOME RAIN! This is the first time ever that I feel the anticipation of joy when the weather man mentions that a hurricane is headed our way....let me make this clear~~people are DESPERATE for some rain around here. It's dry as a bone. My rose bushes have been growing potpourri!! And I'm NOT kidding! So I hope you all had a nice back to school week! I look forward to turning my attention back to blogging a bit more again now that the house is quiet! Let me know how you're doing~~I love hearing from you all! XOXO

Smoke & Mirrors Fall 2011 Nail Polish Collection by Zoya

I'm SO excited about these gorgeous new colors from Zoya for Fall. I'm especially eager to get my hands on the Jem, Jana, Petra, Anja, Marina, and Neeka!! You can find these at finer Salons and Spas. (Or go to the website for details on where to find them!) They're safe and non-toxic. Such beautiful colors and always elegant! Let me know what your current favorite nail colors are! XOXO

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