Thursday, March 3, 2011

Housekeeper Hexed

Why, oh, why friends am I housekeeper hexed??!  I have friends who've had the same family housekeeper for years and years yet mine never seem to stay!  I've had them move, get sick and have to leave, have babies, or find that they want much more $$ than I'm willing to pay for a job that didn't require a MBA or Master's degree.  What's the secret?? What am I missing here?  Last time I was looking I had a few kooks try out for the job.  One called me the 1st day on the job and asked me to stop off somewhere and get her a burger on my way home...she had arrived at 1:00!!  REALLY???  Then the next gal that "auditioned" showed up with a personal little TV to carry around with her full blast as she watched her game shows...REALLY??  Needless to say, these gals got the boot pretty dang fast. 
So then I found a new gal about 8 months ago and while she's been AMAZING at cleaning and organizing, she's acting really strange and now says she has "back problems." She actually took time off for surgery recently and then when she came back and I asked her how she could come back to work just a week & a half out of back surgery, she explained to me that "God did the surgery!"  REALLY??  Do I look THAT gullible?  How was vacation, Dalila??!  So now I'm looking for a new dang housekeeper.  One that will please stay for awhile.
I'm whipping out some sage to do an aura cleanse because something here just ain't right.  I'm a pretty awesome boss!  I'm fair and my home is a happy place to be.  I give a nice Christmas bonus so they can have a nice Christmas as well.  I give holidays off.  I'm neat (although I can't say the same for my teenager but that's part of the job, right?)  SO WHAT'S THE DEALIO?  I've got a gal coming today at 2:00 for an interview.  Let's hope she's the right candidate for the job....cause I'm Really, REALLY, REALLYYY tired of looking for someone new every year or so!! Pray for me!  :)

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