Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Growing Pains

Ahh..the last day of school. I remember the good old days when this was a day of excitement and anticipation for the lazy days of summer. But this morning I find myself feeling very melancholy. We've just moved, which means my little one will have to move schools again next year. The 3rd school in 3 years for her. There are times when probably every parent wonders just how much damage they do their children over the course of the 18 or so years we have them at home and today is one of those days. As she walked into her cute little no fuss public school classroom this morning, all her little friends gathered around her with arms stretched open and embraced her with "We're going to miss you, Chloe!" Apparently, word got out that she's not returning. She had wanted to keep it quiet because there's one little special needs child in the class and she was concerned that her leaving would upset him too much. She asked me to keep it on the down low, that way next year Andrew would just think she's in the next classroom. That's my sweet hearted little girl. But today as her friends embraced her, she turned to me with a big smile and looked in my eyes, but all I could think about were her tears in bed lastnight as she thought about leaving all her new friends and starting over again. Oh man, this really sucks. I came straight home and emailed the principle in one last feeble attempt to be allowed to stay even though we've moved a big mile or 2 outside the school zone, and asked her if there are any teaching positions I could fill so she could stay. I'd do anything at this moment to make my little girl happy and keep her life consistent for a bit longer. But I know if my attemps fail, there are some silver linings that I'll grasp for and try to make the transition as upbeat as possible for her. These road bumps sure can feel like mountains at time. But as we all know, this too shall pass. We have them home for such a short flies by. It's my job to take the stingers out of the zingers life tosses our way. So I'm dusting myself off, about to turn of some fun music and juice up my camcorder for the end of year party I'm helping with in an hour in her 4th grade classroom. I know it'll all be fine...I know it.

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