Friday, April 2, 2010

~The Powder Bath That Haunts Me~

Up against Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware~not quite right...
The 2 softer blue colors were the suggestions of the guy at Sherwin, WRONG!
How can such a tiny little room cause such distress? Wow...this is insane. I purchased this gorgeous antique from Joyce Horn and dropped a sink and fixtures from Hollywood Builders into the black marble top and it looks great. Now figuring out what to do with the walls is an ordeal. It's impossible to match and it's such a small room that I don't want anything too dark. I tried Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware but it was just a tad too green. I'm off to Benjamin Moore to get their suggestions today. I purchased 2 samples that were suggested by Sherwin Williams, but they just weren't right. Hmmmm....wish I had this blog more established so I'd get some ideas from all my fabulous readers!

Here is the finished bathroom.
I settled on Benjamin Moore 75% Brewster Gray.
It's just dark enough and made the room really elegant.
I hope you like it!

I found the antique cabinet at Joyce Horn in Houston.
We had to shave a little of the marble off the sides of the top
and squeeze it in there but it fit!  The space was a very narrow
weird size for a powder bath so finding something to fit was a challenge!
The mirror was made in Atlanta. It turned out beautifully!


Gretchen said...

Steph, would a soft yellow or dove gray work for that small room?

Willow Decor said...

How about BM Muslin? It is a beige with a bit of taupe. Or a lighter gray to set off the color of the vanity. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!!

Texskiss said...

What fun having comments! LOL Thank you for your suggestions. We went with a really pretty, yet tad dark Benjamin Moore blue/grey called Brewster Grey 75%. I'll post picture as soon as I can!

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