Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gone Girl

Hi Friends!  It's been a long time since I've sat to write a blog post. I just published a blog entry that was sitting in my "Drafts" folder from last year! A summer has come and gone and with it my daughter's graduation and entry into college life. We've weathered the first departure and feathered her little dorm room nest~all with not so much ease as with the dutiful diligence and loving care that a huge, life altering phase, such as this, demands. We've shed tears and made lots of phone calls and FaceTime sessions the norm but, I have to admit, I miss her terribly.  She's not too far away, a blessing, I know, but still a bitter pill when I pass her bedroom and all the lights are out or I prepare to go to sleep and realize she's not just still out at her youth group meetings about to be home at any moment.  She's gone.  Off on her own, handling the highs and lows of a huge college life and all that comes with it.  It's hard to wrap my brain around how time flew so quickly and sprouted wings carrying my little girl away from me.  But I too must grow up and learn to let her go!  I know it's the natural course of things!  I'm learning to trust more that God puts her on the perfect path for her life to unfold just as it should.  And while I not so patiently wait to hear any little detail of how she's doing or what's going on w her daily life, I turn my focus to my littlest blessing, Chloe.  I've still got my little one and that's such a huge comfort.  Letting go is hard to do but Im learning that the key to successful detachment is this~~Baby steps!

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