Sunday, March 28, 2010

On The Home Stretch!

This past week I picked out carpet. Hallelujah that's over! I decided on all wool carpet to try to be as earth friendly, non-toxic as possible. I just couldn't give into laying wall to wall seagrass in my sorry all you seagrass devotees! These toes have to hit something soft in the morning...I'm a very tactile person and as much as I love the look of seagrass, my comfort comes first! I did, however, choose a very soft, tight woven seagrass look alike carpet for the master. It's lovely and will give the effect of seagrass with a much more toe friendly feel. The only carpet that I didn't go 100% wool on was for our back stairs...but this carpet is what I'm MOST excited about. It's a faux antelope skin that will be placed wall to wall up our backstairs right when you walk in the back door. FUN! It's going to look so cool and have so much more personality than anything else I found. It was more expensive, but I think in small areas it's good to splurge if it's going to have a big impact! I'm also adding a wall of chalkboard paint on the inside wall of my walk in pantry. I thought it would be so fun to be able to write little notes to each other when we're standing in there perusing our food stock. I can add a daily scripture and little love notes to my will be fun! Now I'm onto finding a suitable counter top material for our game room "buffet." Someone suggested black marble but at $1,000 for a tiny slab of material I'm thinking I could find something a bit more cost efficient that looks just as good...I'll let you know. XOXO


Stephanie said...

Chalkboard paint in the pantry is a great idea! My first thought? Groceries! If you eat all the cereal, write down a new box! (Yeah, right, teens, get real.) Or, when you want the cereal because you forgot to write it down when you emptied it, you write it down! :)
Those colors sound amazing! :)

Texskiss said...

Thanks! I thought it sounded like a fun little touch! I'll get more photos up soon! :)

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