Monday, April 11, 2011

In The Bag

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It's a rainy day outside and on rainy days I like to make HUGE trough sized mugs of macchiatto & organize something.  Today I was diligently cleaning out the contents of my handbag and decided to make a post dedicated to the innards of my bag...much like I've seen in countless magazines & always enjoy!  Why, I'm not sure, other than it's always fun to see what items other gals tote around in case there's an emergency so I can keep tally of what I've thought of already and what needs to be added to my arsenal.  I must say, my items aren't very exciting today...nothing life changing or out of the ordinary but nonetheless~~Here you have it:

1. My Kate Spade bag~~gift from Hubby
2. Boars head Bristle brush
3. Wisps~because one of my children is always forgetting to brush her teeth  before we make the mad dash to get to school on time.
4. Tylenol~~because, well, you know, it's just necessary.
5. Altoids~because my Dad taught me the importance of always having fresh breath and I hate Binaca!
6. A wonderful pen
7. My beloved Max Factor long last lipstick that is now only available in Europe~thus another reason to plan my next trip back to Paris!
8. Sunscreen and a ticket stub to the zoo~they go hand in hand.
9. A fortune cookie~I always steal a couple for my purse when we eat Chinese.
10. A ziplock bag full of fabric swatches for the drapes I keep  putting off having done~~I swear, it's a full blown phobia at this point!
11. Xylosweet packets for tea or coffee when I'm eating out.
12. Some really fabulous hand lotion my friend, Stephanie, gave me! Thanks, Steph!
13. A small Pantene hairspray for my blonde rabbit fur hair.
14. Sunglasses, wallet, phone

There you have it!  :)


Sundresses and Smiles said...

haha, that's so cute you keep fortune cookies in your purse! i just found your blog and like it, please stop by mine!

LimitlessLiving said...

Makes my bag utterly boring! No fortune cookies,no hair brush no Altoids!~I am starting to feel deprived LOL

Oliveaux said...

Fun to see inside your bag...Ax

Texskiss said...

I'd love to see in your bags as well!! If you ever feel like sharing, take a snapshot and send it to me ~~ I'd like to make this a recurring guest post from other bloggers! It seems that everyone likes it! :)

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