Saturday, October 22, 2011

Things Are Getting SPOOKY Around Here!

I started putting out Halloween a few weeks ago but it's still a work in progress~~
I love this witches hat that I found a few years back~~I tuck it on this little chair in a corner. Very Cute!
I like to display things that light up or make noises here and there~~my daughter LOVES the things that make noise!
My little pumpkin dolls are fun lounging on my couches and chairs~~
I don't know if you can see the witches sitting below the dishes....they move and laugh when you walk by! They are my youngest daughter's favorite Halloween decoration!!
These are little pumpkin votive candle that I put all over the house! They're actually very pretty when lit in the evening for a little sparkle!
I'm starting to add more and more to my papier mache collection~~here are a few pieces. I love the little bobble heads below! They have glitter on them and you know I LOVES me some glitter!! So that's a little glimpse of my Halloween decorations! I'd love to know what you put out for the holidays!


Sweet Tea said...

Very pretty! I like the mix of candles entwined with the Fall decor.

Texskiss said...

I just LOVE Halloween~~to me it's a reminder that the extreme heat we endure all summer is about to end!! Today I made a husband & wife scarecrow pair for my front porch! I'll add a photo on the blog. So fun! :)

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