Monday, October 17, 2011

Nailing it!!

I had a revelation not long ago, as I looked at the silver tray that was overflowing with oodles of nail polishes my daughter & I have collected. I realized that there was a much better way to organize them AND to clear up counter space in the process! I looked online for an "acrylic wall rack for nail polishes", the kind you see in salons, and this popped up! I wish I could recall the name of the company for you, but if you just google it, you'll find TONS of places to order one for your wall! I hung it behind my daughter's bathroom door and it's fabulous! All her friends love to come over and paint their nails, as well, so it's fun for them to be able to see all the choices! Just a little idea for you to get more organized! Now go have an awesome day! XOXO


Kim said...

OMG girl, this is amazing! I just googled it and found one that holds 96 polishes for only $27. And its already assembled. I need to get one. And btw have you heard of the company Butter London? They are a "natural" polish company like Zoya. Thnx for sharing.

Sweet Tea said...

I want to play with your nail polish!!
That is awesome!!

Texskiss said...

I Know! It's my new favorite thing! And yes, Kim, we recently bought 16 new Butter London's!! LOL Yes, 16! There was a buy one get one free at Ulta and my daughter and I went a little crazy~~sad to say though that I don't really like the formula. They seem to chip off in chunks. :( My daughter likes them so that's good! Otherwise I'd have 16 new polishes that don't work for me. LOL I'll blog about them tomorrow and put a photo of all the colors~~~PS Glad you found a wall nail rack'll love it!!

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