Monday, October 17, 2011

Bluefly Closet Confessions presents Giuliana Rancic

This is just because I have Giuliana Rancic on my heart today following her announcement that she has the early stages of breast cancer. My daughters and I have loved watching her show on E! "Giuliana and Bill." They have shown my girls what a beautiful, healthy relationship looks like and what to look for in a husband someday! She's inspired me to make an appointment for a SUPER *long* over due check up of my own. I've been dragging my feet about this for years but made an appointment today to have a mammogram this Thursday. I suggest all my sweet friends reading this do the same! So thank you, Giuliana! You're going to beat this thing and continue to be FABULOUS!!! We've never met but you've captured our hearts and we love you. Your friends in Texas~~~XOXO

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