Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Kyla the Super Sheltie!!

Few things in life bring more joy than the unconditional love of a family dog!! Anyone who has a treasured dog in their life will agree. Our baby girl, Kyla, is all grown up now! Today is her 7th Birthday! Kyla is a Sheltie and is our 3rd child, no doubt!
7 years ago, when we decided to get a dog, I started researching breeds. I went all over the internet learning the different characteristics of breeds. I went to dog shows and spoke with the owners of all the breeds we were considering: Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Pomeranians, and Papillons. My husband wanted big and my little girl wanted small. I wanted something that would train easily, be small enough so we could cuddle with it but big enough so it wouldn't get broken easily with young children around! I didn't want a big slobbering mess that would attack other animals as they walked by and I wanted something that wouldn't shed too much to be an indoor pet. Every single person I spoke with said, "SHELTIE SHELTIE SHELTIE!" And oh my gosh, were they right. Kyla is what we lovingly call a "Puppa Person" She's SO smart and full of personality that we know if she had the vocal cords to do so, she would have intelligent conversations with us! LOL She LOVES to snuggle into my neck and under our legs in bed....she's a hugger!
So, Happy Birthday Kyla!! You brings us so much joy!! I love you~~~

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