Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grand Cayman, Ritz Carlton~~Not Too Shabby Baby!

I'm just back from a quick little getaway to the Grand Cayman Islands. I stayed at the Ritz Carlton which I can now, HIGHLY recommend to all of you! The water was crystal clear and the hotel staff was phenomenal! Here's a few of the beach looking out from the hotel! Gorgeous!
Nachos and margaritas are always a good thing!! And these were divine~~So much so that they became the starter of choice at each lunch!
The chef at the hotel made me a special vegetarian dish of quinoa with a mango, coconut milk, honey, curry sauce.....stop drooling....it's mine!
Long walks along the beach are the perfect way to start the day~~or end the day for that matter. I only got one long walk in because I was so preoccupied lounging around in my room or floating in the clear water. You just can't go wrong with whatever you choose!
This is the view looking back at the hotel from the ocean. It's low season right now so as you can see there weren't any crowds!! I actually prefer low season~~the hotel was only 25% full! No running down early to throw a towel on a chair so you have a place to sit!
Need I say more?
The sunsets were amazing. We had cocktails in the ocean each evening at 6:00 to watch the sun go down. Oh I want to go back already!
This is a room at the hotel. They're all done so tastefully! Very roomy and comfortable!
I did not enhance these photos....the water really is THAT blue. It's insane. So there you go. Let me know if you go and tell me how you like it!! XOXO

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