Friday, March 11, 2011

~Prayer Board~

I woke up this morning and turned on the computer to the devastating news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  News such as this always is so upsetting to me because I immediately think of all the sweet souls who perished in such a traumatic way.  I feel a special connection with the people of Japan because at 15 I spent several months modeling in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. I was lucky to live among the kind hearted , soft spoken people of Japan~~I especially loved the children of Japan. They always looked like little porcelain dolls to me...SO angelic & pure.  So as I see the devastating hardship that's fallen on them, my heart aches for them.  It's days like this that I get out my chalk and write down the more prevalent prayers weighing on my heart.  It's something we started doing years ago when I thought up a new way to use a chalkboard that we had hanging by our back door.  I decided to put it to good use by jotting down the prayers that I wanted our family to focus on for the week or month.  So we now have a  prayer board in our kitchen where we write down the names of people we want to remember throughout the day as we go about our hectic lives.  We often need a reminder to stop and pray for a moment for our friends & family members fighting illness or going through a tough time. 

We've placed it in our kitchen as a visual reminder for our family to pray. We notice often that when guests come over they ask about the board and we explain it's purpose. We would love it if prayer boards caught on.  We all need prayers to help us along our paths in life.  They can come in any shape or form.  Ours is just a chalkboard I found in a store years ago, but I've seen them on corkboards & dry erase boards as well.  You could use photos, sticky notes, drawings, magazine cutouts of quotes, you can jot down a favorite scripture for the week~~whatever you feel inspires you to think of others and count your blessings!  If you ever need someone to pray for you, feel free to drop me a line and I'll add you to our board! And remember to take time each day to pray as a family!!  Today we are sending up prayers for all the people of Japan~~
Wareware wa Nippon o aishi, watashi-tachi wa anata no tame ni inotte iru! (WE LOVE YOU, JAPAN, AND WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU!)

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Ashley Teasley said...

Thank you for Sharing such an awesome idea. We're going to start this to remind us what is most important in our lives. Thank you

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