Monday, March 21, 2011

Is It Just Me?

Why is it that every time that a school break is over, I miss my kids? I know it sounds strange but I actually love the hustle & bustle of when they're home & the house is buzzing with energy!! Today they both went back after a week off & I miss them! The house is eerily quiet. I've got Kyla the Super Sheltie at my side, a little bowl of Kashi Go cereal here to comfort me & I'm deciding how best to plug along with my day. Lets' see~I've got an arms length list of things to do, errands to run, things to return, phone calls to make, tasks to complete, and plans to make but it's just too quiet here. It's weird~I know! I had SO MUCH FUN with my little one last week while my older daughter was off on a mission trip. We went to the Zoo, the MFA, a horseback riding stable we've been wanting to try...we had a girl's lunch out several times, we had a mani/pedi at Bora Bora Nail was a blast! My little one is such an easy hang! She's always a go~with~the~flow kinda gal full of jokes & entertaining comments that throw us into fits of laughter!! I mean it...she's a HOOT!
I also know that with school back in session, comes the stress that will certainly rear it's nasty head within a day or 2 for my high schooler...and I'm not joking when I mean STRESS! GPA, Class Ranks, tests, mean teachers, girls drama~~who needs it? These are days I wish I was among the brave souls who opt to homeschool! But that's for another blog post~we'll go there later. :)
Oh well...this is where blogging & nice music or the television come in handy. Is Kathy Lee back from vacation yet?? The Today Show last week was a mess! But I digress~~I guess this is all part of the empty nest syndrome that begins to happen over the course of many years. OK...I'm putting my big girls pants back on. It's OK...I'm OK! Enjoy your day!!


Little Gumnut said...

Hi, just stopping by from BlogFrog! I've got three girls 8 and under. How nice to think that things move on from where we are at now! :) have a great day!

Texskiss said...

Thanks for stopping by! You're a busy lady! But enjoy those younger years..they really do go by too too fast! :)

Simplegirl said...

Thank you for dropping by from BF, it's always a treat. I'm following.

Texskiss said...

Thank you, Simplegirl!! :)

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