Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eyelash Growth Products

I'm SURE you've noticed the new craze for long lashes that's sweeping the country! I have to admit, having long full lashes is something that I long for, especially after seeing the results on several of my friends and the ladies at my Dentists office! I could barely finish filling out the paper work due to the freakishly long spiderleg lashes all the gals had at this particular office! I asked them what was the dealio and they explained that they all use Latisse.  Now with Latisse you'll need a prescription and $120.00 and, upon further research, I learned that Latisse has a few serious drawbacks, especially for gals with blue eyes so I've decided to go another route.
The 1st product I tried was Revitalash.  Revitalash is a better price point at about $70 per tube. But sadly, it took FOREVER to see any results.  I'm an impatient person so I knew I'd need something a little bit more, well...rapid.  Thus my 2nd product tested was called Rapidlash.  Rapdilash costs a mere $25 on the Internet which is quite a deal compared to the prices of the other products.  I purchased this product with a friend who had AMAZING results, but as for me...not a single lash grew in 6 weeks with this stuff.  Nada.  It was a bust.  When I called the company that I purchased it from they blamed "body chemistry." on to my newest trial with Neulash.  It cost $85 but I'm only 3 weeks in and already I'm seeing results.  I'll take a photo every few weeks to give you an update.  But for now, I'm kinda sorta liking this new stuff Neulash.  I'll keep you updated on my lash progress!  ;)

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