Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rave~~Kettle Brand Potato Chips of the Jalapeno Flavor!!!! :)

I've never been a big fan of chips, I'm more of a sweets kinda gal, but I've become a HUGE fan of the ever yummy Kettle Brand Potato Chips in Jalapeno.  And it seems I'm not alone.  In looking around on the Internet I found several blogs with reviews of my new favorite chips.
These are a staple in my pantry now and are pulled out anytime we have veggie burgers, sandwiches, or veggie chili dogs (oh yeah...did I mention we're vegetarians?)  Be sure to have plenty of your beverage of choice on hand as after a few handfuls the spiciness of the chips starts to beg for a cool swig of your favorite soda.  (Mine's Rootbeer...I'll do a Rave about that on another day!!


Rachel Gibaut said...

I'll try them. I like their malt vinegar chips

Texskiss said...

Oh my gosh, they're addictive! Have a glass of something cold nearby! Enjoy!

ArtsyNina said...

Have you tried the Thai flavor yet?!! THOSE are my absolute favorite.

Texskiss said...

I haven't yet~~oh my gosh, they sound amazing...darn! I really shouldn't have this information. Now I'll have to go get some! Thanks a lot ArtsyNina!! ;)

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