Saturday, January 22, 2011

Keys to My Heart ~~ Piano Shopping

As you know, we moved last year. We renovated big time and moved into our dream home. We've been in for 8 months now, had our 1st Christmas here and it's feeling much like home.  I'm almost all done decorating~~at least to say each room has what it needs to begin looking like a complete room...all except for our front formal living room which I've just not been in the mood to tackle. (I think I was just burned out on decorating.)  Right as you enter our home, the room immediately to the right is barren except for a couch and an antique console which I intend to sell.  I've got quite a few pieces of furniture waiting to be recovered at our upholsterers and I need to tackle the drapes situation (there are none) but I've been dragging my feet.  What I want 1st for the room is a piano for my littlest love, Chloe.  She loves to play the piano and we now have room so I'm piano shopping! 
Now, I don't want to go crazy here. I want a large black polished grand for a super fair price. That's not easy.  Steinways are amazing but I don't quite need something so extravagant for my 11 year old.  But I've been looking all over and I may have found one...I've found a really pretty 6'1" Weber piano that I'm having checked out next week by a piano tech.  If it gets a good grade then I may have a pretty piano in my front room when Chloe comes home from school one day next week!! What a fun surprise that will be! I'll add photos for you!  Once I have the piano I'll move onto the drapes and recovering all the ottomans and chairs.  Then I'll be in good shape in that front room...whew.  I'll keep you posted!!

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