Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is!

Oh my I've been neglecting you! OK So I'm putting up the photos of the house with completions as of today. I still have a bare sitting room at the front of the house and need to rally enough to order drapes but to be honest~I've just plain OD'd on decorating. I need a little break and really don't mind waiting until inspiration strikes me again. I've found that anything that I'm not just thrilled with in the house was a product of rushing and settling because I just wanted "it done already"!

So here are a few photos for those of you who've been emailing me to get some up!


This was pretty far down the road of the renovations.  We had
already replaced the old fireplace with a new mantel, ripped out the old bookcases
and built these new ones, placed beams in the ceiling, and painted the room.
It's practically done here.
The paint colors on the bookshelves is Sherwin Williams Nantucket Dune 75%.
It's GORGEOUS.  It has a bit of an iridescence to it.
I wish my photos could do it justice but I'm not a professional
photographer.  Trust me...this color is gorge!!!
Here's the finished product.  The wall color is Martin Senour's Linen Weave. 
The trim is 75% Linen Weave and the ceilling is 50% Linen Weave!!
Can't get enough of that Linen Weave!
We went round and round with the bookshelves but I'm so pleased
with how they turned out.  I put feet on them and I love the effect.
I added beautiful pewter Bouvet hardware which I'm in love with.
I'd have Bouvet all over my house if I could!
I'll get you a closer photo of the hardware but it really makes an impact in person!

I found this mantle in an old Veranda and fell in love!

And the mirror was from Wisteria.  It's amazing.  We built the mantle and the beams just
so this mirror would fit perfectly from the top of the mantle to the ceiling.
It's a bit more green in color than was described in Wisteria...they called it "Khaki"
It's NOT Khaki...but thankfully it works.

My painter could not get the antiquing on this corner cabinet right.
We repainted it so it is now just a soft French blue/green. 
I plan to add feet and the Bouvet hardware soon.
That's on my list of To-Do's.

Our antique Baker's Rack was seemingly made for this space and
it conveniently covers the air return!! 
There's Bella the cat in the bottom
left corner of the photo!
So there you have it!  That's the Great Room.
I'll add more soon!
Let me know if you have any questions!


Mommy LaDy Club said...

So nice to find you through VoiceBoks! We(my sister and I) have a "One Piece Makeover" Series on our blog about being inspired by a singular piece for a room re-do. Our first interview with a Mom blogger will be up next week, but I'd love to do one with you as well, seeing all of your renovations here. Please come by anytime, and let me know if you're interested?!

Texskiss said...

Absolutely! I'd love to~~I just stopped by your blog! LOVES it!! I look forward to getting to know you further!

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