Saturday, July 10, 2010


As Usher would say....Oh My Gaaa-aawsh~~~
It's HOT here!  I'm so down-on-my-hands-and-knees, full on, thankful for our new yard!! The pool isn't a luxury in's a necessity!  We've been in it every day.  The kids and Todd & I have so enjoyed diving in, hanging out, reading, playing with Kyla the super Sheltie, and having friends over to just relax in our pretty back yard. 
I thought I'd share the photos of the backyard renovation with you!
And like all else, it wasn't easy.  Is putting in a pool ever a smooth process?  Just wondering...

Staking out the pool. At this point there was absolutely no
landscaping whatsoever~it was a huge blank canvas!
Watching the hole being dug was surprisingly exciting!

My daughter had fun crawling down in there with her friend.    
This is the Pebble Sheen crew~What a production!
Now this was a huge decision for us...whether to go with Pebble Sheen or Plaster.
I had really wanted plaster for it's smooth texture but the longevity of Pebble Sheen won.
We chose the color Prism Blue.  It has little flakes of Mother Of Pearl and sparkles in the water!
It's gorgeous.
For more info about Pebble Sheen check out their website:
So far the surface isn't bothering anyone, except me just a little~
I really prefer super smooth surfaces.
My husband chose the tile.  It was a toss up between a very natural, monochromatic glass tile
or a green/blue glass tile.  I liked the green/blue but was concerned about how it would look next to the
yellow toned travertine.  So we went with the beigey tile and it turned out lovely!
Viola!  So pretty!
This is my morning hang spot~I bring my devotional books & coffee out here,
turn on the overhead fans, read my books, & watch the trees.  The sound of the water fountain in the pool is
super relaxing.  Now I just need a few wind chimes hung in the trees & I'll be all set!
We wanted the entrance to the backyard to be pretty so we planted
hydrangeas and placed travertine pads as a's very soothing.

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