Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Almost Gone Girl

I've been a bad little blogger.  I've become so wrapped up in my own little universe that I became too busy to share.  Bad, bad blogger! 
But recently I've been thinking more and more about the content that I'd want to share in this blog with you guys.  The honest truth of my daily goings on have been so immersed in the caring for my children.  Children is a relative word as my eldest is a senior in High School this year, preparing to spread her wings and leave the safety net of our little nest in about 7 months time.  WOW.  Those few little words just sent my heart skyward into my throat.  7 months time.
My children are my everything.  They are my joy, my frustrations, my hope, my heart.  It's hard to think of her not being here, in her room, playing her music too loud for my taste, leaving trails of dirty clothes on the floor for me to trip over.  Dare I say, her room will be too clean.  Without my girl here it will be lonely but I take heart in the fact that we have Apple iChat technology which I plan to take advantage of ad nauseam!    
When it's time for little ones to go off out into big bad world on their own, you start to hope and pray that you've adequately prepared them for any toil or trouble that may cross their paths!  You look for signs that lessons have been learned; for reassurance that you've done your job as a parent and that they'll be OK when they are no longer under your protective wing. 
I truly think she's ready. It will be an adventure, for sure, but my girl is a good girl (thank goodness) with a steely moral compass.  She's learned to appreciate the fruits of hard work~IE good grades, college acceptance letters, etc.  So please keep her in your prayers, my friends!! As they say, it takes a village! And I'll be sending love and light your way for God's grace over your brightest blessings as well!! Big Kiss~~~~~

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