Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Polish Of The Day~~Chanel 525 Quartz

It's a little hilarious that I love nail polish so much. The reason being is that I have probably the worst nails of anyone I know. Always have, always will. I think it's an unfortunate hereditary trait or something, because my nails are so thin and weak. It's really quite a bummer. I've done the whole solar tips thing but it's just so time consuming that I really don't have patience for it. I also do hold out hope that if I keep polishing them that eventually they'll grow and get strong like they have, oh, twice in my life. I have no idea how it happened but twice in my life they just got real strong, shot out and looked gorgeous for a few weeks only to then peel across right at the base again.
But I will not let that stop me from having a blast painting my little baby talons! We will paint and primp and face the day as if we are unchallenged nail girls! (I don't know why I'm using "we" here...LOL)
And I don't believe that you all shouldn't get the benefits of my nail polish purchasing habit just because my nails are handicapped. So I'm going to start putting up more Nail Polish Of The Day posts for you. I hope you enjoy!
So the color De Jour is Chanel's 525 Quartz. It's a beautiful soft smokey mink brown color with a hint of champagne. Stunning. Very elegant. Good for just about any occasion. Chanel nail polishes are expensive at about $25 per bottle and generally they have a bit of a reputation for peeling off too quickly, but I just can't keep myself from buying them when I get too close to the Chanel counter. It's a sickness. :) I do like the little brush that Chanel polishes have...they make for a lovely application. Very smooth and even, so that's a plus.
Oh, and for more really fabulous photos of nail polish, in case you just can't wait for my next POD post~~check out my Pinterest. I have a bulletin board FULL of gorgeous nail colors. Like I said~~it's a sickness! You can just click on the Texskiss Pinterest link on the top right corner of this blog page and then when you get to my Pinterest page, scroll down to the Bulletin Board titled "I'm Kinda Addicted To Nail Polish." XO


Kim said...

This is a very pretty color. I tried Zoya for the first after reading your blog post about them. I love Zoya now. You are right though, $25 for one bottle of polish is pricey. I can get about 3 Zoya polishes for the price of 1 Chanel Lol but thanks for sharing!

Dreama A. Dalton said...

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