Monday, February 20, 2012

High Low Bath Products That Smell Like Oven Baked Heaven!

Softsoap Mega Moisture Heavenly Vanilla Body Butter Body Wash
Philosophy Cinnamon Buns
I LOVE products that smell like yummy things baking, hot in the oven! Candles, body scrubs, perfumes, etc. Years ago, I ran across a body wash by Philosophy that smelled just like Cinnamon Buns!! It's also actually is a fabulous product to have when you travel because it works as shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath! Personally, I'd never use it as bubble bath because pouring it into a large tub would seem just a bit too extravagant and I like using each and every drop of it as shower gel, but I DO take it along on trips to use as a shampoo and it works really well!
You can purchase it online at the website or at any high end department store that sells Philosophy products, like Nordstroms. It comes in a 16 oz size for $16 or a 32 oz size for $25. I always keep 3 large bottles in stock so I never run out, but recently came across a really wonderful body wash option at Walgreens that costs WAY WAY less and smells just as yummy! It's the Softsoap Mega Moisture Heavenly Vanilla Body Butter Body Wash! This product doesn't work as a shampoo, but if you're looking for something in the shower or bath that will smell oh so scrumptious that it just makes you feel good all over, then this is your best lower priced option! 15 oz is just under $4.00! Crazy Good Dealio!
So there you have two fabulous options to take a regular bathing experience into something that feels more luxurious! Because, hey, we deserve it! :)
Let me know if you have a favorite body wash! I'd love to check it out~~

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