Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet Bob

Meet Bob. Bob was being used by a group of young boys as a football last week when my youngest daughter caught eye of the inhumane games and rescued our little friend here. After quite an exhilarating bicycle ride home, Bob remained tucked into the safety of his shell for quite awhile. We decided to leave him in our back yard to let him calm down a little but and when we returned to check on him, he had traveled all the way across our big yard! It was good to see he hadn't suffered any injuries. We kept Bob for just that one night and then decided to free him in a neighborhood pond where we'd seen many of "his kind" living together harmoniously. We drove to the pond, set him down right at the edge and waited. It took Bob about 3 seconds to jet his head out of his shell, LEAP into the pond, and swim away at the speed of a motor boat! I've never seen a turtle so happy! It was fun to see. So this weekend we had "Free Bob" day here at our home. And as much as I know my little one gets attached to these little critter she rescues and releases...I also know she's excited to see them back in nature. She's got a big heart, that one. :)


Yes I Blog said...

We've had so many pet turtles through the years! Usually only catch, feed some grass and let go a few hours later, but I did have one purchased at a pet store and in an aquarium for a couple of years. Sadly, he passed on.

Sounds like you have an awesome girl there with a great heart! Be proud of her!

Texskiss said...

Oh I am! She's such a sweethearted little girl. She will certainly find a career doing something with animals!! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Misty said...

thanks for coming by my blog... Our profile's could be the same! :) Or close to it anyway, we have a lot in common!

This made me cry. I am so sad. Why do people, kids or otherwise, have to be so cruel? Good for your beautiful daughter for standing up for this sweet little guy!

Texskiss said...

I agree Misty~I really enoyed your blog! We do have a lot in common. This is what I love about blogging! Meeting new like minded friends via the internet! :)

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