Saturday, May 21, 2011

Key Largo! Montego!! Baby Why Don't We Go?

I'm so happy that summer is approaching!! I've begun looking online for a beach destination to go for a short trip with my hubby for some MUCH needed R&R. I'm looking at St Lucia's Ladera, The Bahamas One & Only Club, and Grand Cayman's Ritz Carlton. We really wanted to return to Turks & Caicos but for some reason the flights are all looking really long and difficult. I was flipping through photos of a family trip we took a few years ago to the Bahamas. We went out at dusk to try and get a good family photo for our Christmas cards. I'm glad we did because it's so fun to see how much the girls have grown in just a few short years. This was before my eldest had her braces!! We're all a little sweaty, wind blown, and sunburned but I love these shots anyway!
Then I always love to capture a few photos of the island ~~ here are a few shots of the landscape.
While we were relaxing on a beach one day, I came across these adorable local children taking out their homemade boat!! I loved capturing their excitement!! What a gift a camera can be~~I'll be able to remember these sweet kids forever now!
Where do you like to vacation for relaxation?? I'd love to know! XOXO

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dreamachine said...

Oh my my! Stunning family!!

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