Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Broken Holidays~~

I know that sounds like a REALLY bad title but it's not all so desperate. Just wanted to explain why I haven't had any photos up lately~~I dropped my camera and broke my fabulous Nikon lens! :( I didn't drop it hard, just a little slip and tap and boom....the zoom and focus are broken. I'm waiting to find out where to take it to have it fixed before Christmas. I really wanted to take photos of my decorations for you all. But at least I'm pretty sure that will be the last in a long string of bad luck lately. Let's see...first our air conditioning broke a few months ago (when it was still VERY hot here in Texas), then our Thermador oven broke, then my television bulb busted, and now my camera! LOL Well, it's really no laughing matter but what's a girl gonna do? It tis vat it tis!
So I'll try to keep you all occupied with lots of reviews and raves until I get my camera back up and running or maybe I'll try out the little pocket camera I bought my daughter for her youth group trip a few months ago!! I'm also toying with the idea of putting on blog posts....what do you think? Yeah~~that's the ticket!


Sweet Tea said...

A blogger w/o a camera? Who ever heard of such a thing. My camera is broken - the batteries POP out at random times. I have it wound with mailing tape so it is at least useable until Santa brings me a replacement. "I feel your pain"!

Mary said...

OH NO!!!

Broken lenses make me so sad :(.

Do you have an iPhone or and iTouch? They take really awesome photos.

Texskiss said...

I'm back! My lens cost a pretty penny to have fixed but I'm so thrilled to report that following a Christmas without a microwave or camera, life is back to normal!! Whatever THAT is! :)

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