Saturday, October 1, 2011

We Have a Birthday Girl!

This past Saturday was my daughter's 17th birthday! I spent all of last Friday running around town getting ready for her surprise party! I invited about 20 of her closest friends and we had a pool & pizza party. I got her favorite cake and blew up a double tall air mattress and covered it with a Shabby Chic white bed skirt and it looked fabulous! I put votive candles all over the tables, and big hurricane lanterns all around the pool for sparkle and was magical!
She went home from school with 2 friends, thinking she was getting ready to go to a football game, and around 7:00 they blindfolded her, told her not to ask questions and drove her here to our home. They walked her into the back yard and upon removing her blindfold she saw 20 of her friend yell, "SURPRISE!!!!" It was a blast!! If you haven't done a surprise party for your child, yet, I say go ahead! It's so fun! I have some photos that I'll add later from my other computer but I wanted to get this up for you today! Enjoy the day, my friends! XOXO


Sweet Tea said...

It sounds like a teenage girl's dream party - one she'll remember forever. I'll be watching for pictures!

Texskiss said...

I LOVE your blog! You'll have to give me advice on how to make mine better and better! I need a blog mentor! XOXO

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