Sunday, September 11, 2011

Indian Cuisine Lesson with Priyanka!

We had the most fun evening the other night, when a new friend came to teach us about how to make wonderful Indian dishes!! here are some of the ingredients laid out on my kitchen island!
My friend, Stephanie, was visiting from India with our new friend, Priyanka, who offered to teach us how to cook some Indian chutneys and Dosas!
All the wonderful spices and herbs all ready to make chutneys!
Priyanka in her beautiful traditional Indian dress!
Here are the ingredients ready to be blended for a mint/coconut chutney! Delicious!
Sambar is a spicy and comforting Indian soup! It was perfect for my daughter who has been fighting a bit of a cold for a week or so!!
Mustard seeds pop in hot oil and then are put into the chutney~~the aromas were amazing in my house!
Here Priyanka was cooking curry leaves with peppers~~~I never even knew there was such a thing as curry leaves!!
Adding the leaves into the soup~~
And the finished product! So fabulous!
I forget the name of the pancakes we ate with the chutneys~~they had cheese and spices inside!
Dosa batter~~Dosas are crepes that you dip into the chutneys~~my mouth is watering!!!
Priyanka making a dosa!! The evening was so fun~~we hope to make Indian food at home again soon!!
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Janis said...

Thanks for sharing your recipe. I bookmarked this and I am planning to cook this weekend.

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