Sunday, September 4, 2011

Finally~~My Santa Barbara Photos!

I Love little white picket fences that grace the streets~~so sweet!
Here's a little fence with all the beautiful flowers in full bloom~~
My cottage at The Four Seasons. Its was very old and stately. Charming and comfortable! A little home away from home~~
We found this adorable and popular little breakfast place called Jeannine's. The food was amazing and I was SO happy to see a little "V" for vegetarian next to all the veggie dishes they had on the menu!! They had a vegetarian chorizo scrambled egg dish that was BEYOND amazing!! Loves ya, Jeannine's!!
This is a view of the front lawn of The Four Seasons. Lovely walk ways all around the property. The ocean is just in front~~
The walkway leading to the ocean from the hotel. I love the flowering ivy growing up this light post~~
And there's the ocean in all her splendor!! I would walk along it each morning to get my exercise in the cool air! Such a joyous way to start a day!
A view looking back up at the hotel at the funky trees....see how is grows sideways?
The entrance to the hotel....I have a thing for ivy. It's just so pretty!
A sunset from my friend's beach at her home~~
Another moment of a California sunset~~
A HUGE tree at the hotel~~oh my daughter would LIVE in this tree if she could!
Another view of the old tree and it's root system~~
A beautiful sculpture that was in the lobby. Hank Azaria was checking in as I was checking out. He's such a great actor. It was a fabulous trip! I highly recommend Santa Barbara for a quick little getaway if you ever have the occasion! XOXO
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Betsy M said...

I went to school at UCSB - Santa Barbara is truly one of the most gorgeous places on earth!!! It's the French Riviera of the California coast! Thanks for sharing your pictures!!!


Texskiss said...

What a FUN school to go to, Betsy!! I want to hear stories sometime! So fun to have you visit my blog! XOXO

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