Thursday, July 7, 2011

Martha Doesn't Live Here~~

Oh sweet summer time~~lazy days by the pool, fun family travels to new exciting places, housekeepers stealing valuables from under your nose and children breaking their wrists....aaaah....CALGON TAKE ME AWAY. It's not been the idyllic summer vacation this year. My new housekeeper turned out to have sticky fingers and got away with quite a bit of loot and my precious little one fell on a family vacation in Crested Butte, Colorado and broke her wrist~~just in time to leave for that amazing kids Christian sports camp I blogged about earlier. Greaaaat. Like I REALLY want to put her on a bus to a camp in another state and not be able to hear her voice for 2 long weeks with a broken wrist. They don't allow phone calls home. HATE THAT RULE.) But going to that camp is all she's been looking forward to all year and I'm not ready to break her heart as she's going. I've been in touch with the fabulous staff at the camp and they have been wonderful in assuring me they have kids in casts all the time and that they will take care of her every need, every day. Say prayers for her and me next week, please friends. I just want her to be safe, have fun, and connect with God in a deep and lasting way.

She broke her Scaphoid's a bone in your wrist that if you brace yourself as you're falling and then land directly ON your own wrist, you're most likely going to break it. So don't do that. Kids are tough! We were on vacation for 4 more days as she had that broken wrist. She rode a horse and a bike but never cried once...until the entire plane ride home. We had thought it was just a bad sprain. Ahhh, those are fabulous parental moments. She's in a big old cast and on serious pain meds (which I HATE because I don't like putting pain meds into her little body but she's in too much pain and Tylenol and Advil weren't hacking it.) So as I sit here surrounded by piles of laundry to do and floors to mop and I dream of Mary Poppins swooping in to save the day, I do have good news. A friend called me the other day and said, "Hey, we need a getaway. Let's go to Santa Barbara!" Ummm...let me think....OK!!!! So I'm off for a quick girls getaway and will be seeing 2 of my very dear friends from the Miss USA pageant. One was Miss South Carolina and the other was Miss California. They were both in my wedding and I'm SO excited to get to see them and reconnect. So while I wish I was more of a Martha Stewart, need no sleep, can whip this place in to shape with a single swoop, kinda gal, I'm gonna go a little easy on myself and try to enjoy the remainder of our broken summer. I'm going to finish packing my little angel up for camp, give her lots of love and pray that her pain is better while she's away from Mommy, and then pack myself up for SB. I'll take photos of the trip for you all. I hope you're summers are going much better than our little Texan tornado of trouble here and I hope to hear from you soon. Blessings friends~~ XOXO

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OneMommy said...

Yikes! What a summer so far! I'm sorry it has started that way. I completely understand not wanting your little one to go to camp with a broken wrist - I commend you on still letting her go. I'm sure she will make memories to last a lifetime.

Thanks so much for replying to my post in the SITS community on BF. Martha sure doesn't live at my home, either, but I find real life so much more fun. :)

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