Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If It's Good Enough For A Princess~~

I've been hearing a lot lately about this new diet craze from a French Dr. called The Duken Diet.  Kate Middleton has reportedly been on this diet to prepare for her upcoming wedding.  I think she's always looked fabulous and hardly needed to lose weight but ,nonetheless, the diet has taken off and has just hit here in America.  I'm not big on fad diets but, due to the white hot popularity of this one, I thought it would be worth taking a look at.  I live in a very hot city so for the next 8  months it would be wise to be in the best shape possible so I can skirt around town in comfortably cool clothes!  As a vegetarian I'm not sure I can do this high protein diet but perhaps I can use eggs & beans instead of the animal proteins...I don't know.  It's working well for Kate.  I'll order the book and report back to you with what I find!  Here's to your health!  ;)

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