Monday, April 4, 2011

Gustavian Design

As I've been looking online for ideas for my living room, I've come across the most gorgeous rooms to use as inspiration.  These room as soft, monochromatic, weathered yet elegant.  I love the ease and comfy feeling these rooms have.  I would want to lay on that couch and get lost in a wonderful novel & never leave!
Notice the beautiful woodwork above the door frame!!  What a lovely touch!  Everything is whitewashed for a clean feeling!  And I love the chandelier!!
Here is another view of the same room above.  The reclaimed wooden doors are gorgeous.  There a simplicity about this room.  It's so elegant yet easy and unpretentious.  I'm ready to move in!!

Photography by Gilles Trillard


Kathy said...

What a gorgeous room! I think I will file that one under, when kids are out of house! I do love the carved molding on the dooways, I think I could easily incorporate something like that in my home and give my simple ranch style house a little polish! Thanks. I'm glad I found you over on BlogFrog! I'm a happy new follower!


Texskiss said...

Hi Kathy~~I'm glad you're here as well! I'm using this room as a kickboard to get my own music room underway~~I'll post photos when it's complete! :)

Madison said...

The design is lovely, right up my alley. Great blog
Visiting you from BF

Texskiss said...

Thank you, Madison! I'll pop on over to check out your blog as well!

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