Monday, April 4, 2011

Drape Dread!!

We've been in our home now for almost a year & I have to say, that while decorating has been fun, there's one area that I really have not enjoyed doing...drapes!  I find drapes to be so tricky.  I'm not a professional decorator, so the measurements, choosing a fabric & having them's all a little intimidating to me.  And for good reason ~  I had custom drapes made for our front dining room & the creamy color fabric, when turned into drapes & hung up, showed way more yellow than I expected.  They don't work in the room.  Let me tell you friends, that's an expensive mistake.  So now I need to figure out what to do with these beautiful, yet too yellow for my paint color (Linen Weave) drapes and have new ones made. 
I tend to be drawn to serene rooms.  The drapes I'm seeing lately that I like are pretty simple, so I really have no idea why I'm torturing my self over this aspect of decorating my home, other than the big mistake of the last drapes turning yellow on me! I'm such a silly goose!  I know what I love.  I like monochromatic, quirky, elegance.  Comfort is Queen!!  I lean very far towards Swedish/Gustavian decor.  Let me show you:
This is what I'm aiming for~~
This house was from the Fabulous movie, "Something's Gotta Give"  I love the color palette of this house.
                       Photos from the fabulous                      


ArtsyNina said...

Yes-I loved her beach house in that movie!

And can't you take fabric swatches home? You need to hang them on the wall next to the window and see how it looks against the paint morning, noon and night.(OMG I sound like my mother)

Texskiss said...

LOL Yes, you can. I had a decorator who chose the fabric so I didn't question it. I've learned to always double check things yourself!

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