Thursday, November 10, 2011

No Chicken Noodle Soup!

This past week my little girl came down with a nasty tummy virus. She had a fever and just a really bad case of the yuckies! On the way home from the doctor I stopped off real quick at Wholefoods and got the goods to rehydrate her and make her my homemade no-chicken noodle soup. We're vegetarians but still love the flavor and feel of a big bowl of steaming soup when we're sick. I thought I'd share my recipe in case you ever have a vegetarian friend in need of a good soup when they're sick!! You'd be a rock star to show up with this!!
I gather all the usual suspects for chicken noodles soup: garlic, frozen stew vegetables (makes cooking soup really fast and easy when you've been up all night with a sick child!) veggie bouillon, vegetable soup stock, sea salt, egg noodles, and spices. Instead of the chicken, I add Morning Stars Vegetarian "chicken strips." Even my meat eating husband loved this soup!
Boil the noodles first and drain the water.
Keep the noodles in the colander to be added at the end when the soup is all ready so they don't over cook and get mushy.
Throw all the ingredients into the pot and boil 'er up!
I added 2 boxes of the vegetable broth. 1 wasn't enough.
And because I like my soup really flavorful I add more bouillon cubes to make it stronger. Add cubes to your taste!
Then add back the noodles and voila!!! It was easy and delicious for the whole family!!! Bon Appetit!

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