Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stairway to Haven

This may not be a big deal to anyone but me, but let me tell you, I was SO excited when the installation of our carpet went onto our back staircase!  I had seen this carpet in a magazine or online years ago and saved it in my "dream house" file.  When I went shopping for carpet for the stairs I decided I had to have it somewhere in my home.  I thought about putting it in our gameroom but ultimately settled on the back stairs. The stairs are at the back door just off our driveway, the one that a lot of the girl's friends will be using to go upstairs.  The antelope print is so fun and it makes the stairs just a bit more, well, special!  It also really ties well with the golden marble in our kitchen.  In case it's on your list for your dream home, Karastan, Stark, and Couristan all make this pattern.  I couldn't be happier with the look!!

Here are a few more photos of how this print could be used in a home.

Room by Jan Showers

photo by Pieter Estersohn
image via Dallas, TX MLS listing


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Cote de Texas said...

my favorite carpet. the best ever.

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