Friday, April 30, 2010

Blog Fog~

I've had a few friends inquire as to my next blog and I have to admit, starting a blog just as I'm about to move into a new home probably wasn't the Best idea I've had lately....Umm...I'M a little busy!!! But I want to exclaim from the roof tops that we are (drum roll please) FINALLY in our house! YAY! AND!...It's fabulous. I'm so happy and truly exhausted at the same time. I honestly feel as if I've just gotten off the Survivor Island. (Only I'm sadly not fabulously survivor tan, nor did I lose all that survivor weight...*heavy sigh*) But let me tell you this, girlfriends...Nothing can make you appreciate a home more than living in a tiny apartment with a crazy woman making massive amounts of noise moving furniture or bowling??~we couldn't figure it out~ at 1, 2, 3, and 4am right over your bedroom EVERYNIGHT! No more cruddy TVMax cable (yes there's a TVMax Cable Co here in Houston....but not for long. They are horrible! Even worse than Comcast! Hard to believe but true!) And as I was trying desperately to make a home away from home for my family with 90% of everything we own in storage, I was deligently trying to cope with my father's battle with cancer. Now if there's something worth sharing it's this...watching people you love go to hell and back will really set you straight on what's important in life. And so I worked to renovate this house into a home that would be a haven for all the people I love. A place to make memories. A resting place with lots of music and laughter and moments to cherish. And so here we are...Home! We now have a lovely home...with a yard for the kids to run in and the dog to chase them in and wine chilling in the fridge for friends to sip on when they drop by (hint, hint!)...oh the joy of joys! So as I unbox my illionth box and ponder how the heck we accumulated SO MUCH STUFF in the past 16 years...I only feel ever so grateful. Thankful for the blessings of my new home...for my children's health and happiness and thankful for a wonderful husband who has worked so hard to get us here. I'm truly blessed~~ XOXO

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