Monday, March 15, 2010

Renovating Is For The Birds

Joyce Horn antique french blue chest being placed in our powder bath
awaiting the marble top with dropped sink and hardware~
just barely squeaked this one in!
The big hole in our backyard which will soon be a
pool enjoyed by all! So exciting!

OK so this photo should have gone before the last one but I'm still learning how to add photos to my newbie blog! Pool being staked out! We replaced the Austin stone mantel with a bigger fireplace box and stone mantel. This part of the renovation was major...the design, the stone, the size, redoing a fireplace is heavy duty stuff, friends. The mantel is in and now the bookshelves and cabinets are getting a facelift as well~ hopefully mine will be next! :) We purchased a new home!!! We looked high and low and finally found just what we've wanted. We knew it was "the" house when my sweetest little one looked up at me with her big brown eyes and said, "Mommy, buy it! This one feels like home!" OK, kiddo. Done! It's a really sweet 6 year old Texas Hill Country home with a BIG porch in the front (and back) and TONS of room to be the perfect "hang house" we've been searching for, for our kids teenage years! Yay!!! Right? Right! Until we decided to update it, just a little bit! We hired a fabulous builder, and decided on the first round of "must do's" to make the home more "our vision." We decided to add a new stone mantel with a huge new fireplace box, took out some crown molding & chair railing, rounded some entry ways, landscaped, decided to put in a new pool, painted the entire interior, redesigned the great room bookshelves, added Gothic glass front cabinet doors in the kitchen, added new custom mirrors in bathrooms, ripped out the built-ins in the powder bath and replaced it with a gorgeous antique chest that we'll drop a sink into, pulled up all the old counter tops and floors in all the upstairs bathrooms and replaced them with Cream of Marfel marble, changed out all the old sconces and chandeliers...just to get us started! And, the list kept GROWING! So much fun, (really) and very exciting, yet a bit daunting in the scale of the things. Then, much to our chagrin, the electrician hit a pipe in our attic and flooded the front of the house with water from the indoor sprinkler system. Greeeeattt! Now it's an even bigger renovation. Hey, at least it happened at the beginning of the job and not the end..let's look at the bright side, shall we? I've made a lot of decisions and am now about to choose carpet...They're painting today so I'll head over to check that out and make sure I like the colors I've chosen! The pool permit has been approved so soon there should be a massive hole in my new backyard! I'll keep you updated on my progress!

We'll see where this leads! Onward and upward~ XOXO

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Practically Spent said...

Nooooo! Aww, that's terrible. I thought I was the only one who had "luck" like that. Sorry this happened. I hope it's as painless as possible to clean up.

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