Thursday, July 12, 2012

Truffle Mania

Since my days in Paris, I've had a long love affair with truffles! They have such a distinct, rich flavor but I've never had much of a chance to indulge in them until recently. They're historically the fare you find at a more lofty eatery than I usually go to on a daily basis.  But I'm about to let you in on a secret love I've discovered popping up on local menus.  Have you tried~~drum roll~~Truffle Mac n Cheese?! Honey...HUSH!! It's crazy good.  Here's how it all began~~I was at Eddy V's with my husband the first time I noticed it on the menu, and let me just say, I fell HARD! It's not something I can have often~It's creamy and gooey and oh so buttery~QUITE the carb loading experience, actually, I've only allowed myself to order it 3 times and each time I split it with a friend at the table but I'm just telling you, you NEED to check your local Eddy V's or Yard House. (They have it as well.) The other night, my daughter and I were both sick with some evil virus. (The kind that gives you those mean body aches) We'd been locked up in the house all day, were stir crazy and decided to make a break for it and go out for some fro-yo. (Frozen yogurt~love) We saw The Yard House, which I've heard has AWESOME truffle Mac n Cheese, so we stopped in for a quick snack. It must of been HEAVEN because I swear I heard angels sing!!! (Insert music with angels singing here :)  Its super rich and creamy, quite a lot of butter so go slow. And to add Dangerousness to the Deliciousness, we also ordered the Truffle fries and DUMPED them in WITH the mac n cheese!  I know!! I'm a wild and crazy kinda gal!!  It was insane and JUST the comfort food that the Doctor didn't order.  We shared half of the plate and took the rest home for a snack the next day.  Perfection.  So go ahead~~Hit the Elliptical first but Live A Little!!  Order up some Truffle Mac n Cheese!!  You'll hate me!
I'll add photos for you!
So spill it~~What's your favorite indulgence these day? Do you know of something SO delish that we're missing out on?? Do tell! Enquiring minds want to know!!  XOXO

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